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Changes to GST in residential land sales
Published in the Newcastle Herald 5 June 2018
Effective July 1, 2018, there will be changes to the GST legislation and the way residential land including land subdivision transactions occur.
Osborn Law continues to bolster local offering
Published on the Hunter Headline website 28 May 2018
Osborn Law has added to the strength of its commercial and employment teams with the addition of two new team members.
Guide to Testamentary Capacity
Published in the Newcastle Herald 1 May 2018
A recent case is a timely reminder of the rules of testamentary capacity with the NSW Court of Appeal dismissing a claim that a dementia patient was suffering an “insane delusion” when she executed her will bequeathing over $1million to her cleaner.
What to consider when buying off the plan
Published in the Newcastle Herald 27 March 2018
Given the number of tower cranes in the city skyline at present and low interest rates, more people than ever before are considering buying property ‘off the plan’. So, what should you know before buying off the plan?
Office love or workplace headache?
Published in the Newcastle Herald 20 February 2018
No workplace is immune from staff either forming, or attempting to form, romantic relationships. The current Barnaby Joyce media storm is a simple case in point.

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