Client Focus: Independent Mortgage Planners

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Client Focus: Independent Mortgage Planners

At Independent Mortgage Planners, we support our clients and the clients of our referrers, including Accountants and Financial Planners from across Australia, from our offices in Lake Macquarie.

We are one of only a handful of mortgage professionals in Australia that operate on a pro-consumer basis. What this means is that we:

  • Hold our own Australian Credit Licence;
  • Work on a fixed price fee for service basis;
  • Are not influenced by lenders or other product providers; and
  • Rebate all loan commission entitlements into our clients’ home loan accounts.

Because of this, not only are we genuinely independent, but we help our clients to save tens of thousands of dollars on their home loan interest bill without them needing to make extra repayments. Of course, they can if they choose to.

On average, our clients will save more than 10% of the principal value of their home loan when compared to the same loan taken via a traditional Mortgage Broker or direct from a Bank.

In holding ourselves to a unique and highly ethical service proposition, it was vital to us that we were supported by a law firm that also has the highest ethical standards. We needed legal experts that were willing to support us as we ‘pioneered’ a new approach to mortgage provision.

Osborn Jensen has proven to be a natural fit for Independent Mortgage Planners, providing the legal advice we require in our commercial transactions.

We have found the Principals, Tim and Christie, to be highly ethical and willing to take the time to understand our unique needs. Their support team has also proven to be reliable and attentive.

We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Osborn Jensen team, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Craig Morgan

Managing Director, Independent Mortgage Planners

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