A Timely Reminder for Swimming Pool Owners

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In January we took a look at recent amendments to the swimming pool legislation in New South Wales with the commencement of the Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012. This month saw the start of the first stage of the implementation of the new Act, so we thought it an opportune time to remind swimming pool owners to inspect their pool and barriers.

All owners of properties containing a swimming pool or outdoor spa are now required to register their pool on the State wide online register. The process is relatively quick and straight forward and requires the property owner (or authorised representative) to enter the property details together with the date of installation (or substantial alteration) of the pool, type of pool and type of property. All pools and spas must be registered by 29 October 2013. Penalties apply if you fail to register your swimming pool by this date.

As part of the registration process property owners are asked to self-assess their pool’s compliance. The assessment considers the height of fences, distance between vertical rails, gates and latches, walls or windows forming part of the barrier, appropriate warning signs and any loose objects potentially used as climbing aids for children. A checklist (particular to the date of installation of the pool) can be found on the register to assist property owners in self-assessing.

The final stage of the amendments is the requirement for all property owners selling or leasing a property which includes a swimming pool to obtain a compliance certificate. This will necessitate an inspection by a local council officer or private certifier, and will of course require the pool to comply with the relevant Australian Standards and legislation.

The register and checklists can be found at www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au. As the year speeds past, pool owners should act now to ensure their pool is registered before the 29 October 2013 deadline.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you require any assistance with the registration or compliance process.

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