Swimming Pools – Does Yours Comply?

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If you are contemplating selling a property which has a swimming pool you may wish to consider obtaining a Certificate of Compliance under Section 24 of the Swimming Pools Act 1992. This Certificate may be obtained by application to your local Council upon payment of a prescribed fee and if the pool complies with the requirements of the Swimming Pools Act a Certificate to this effect will issue from Council.

The annexure of the Certificate to a Contract for Sale of your property will allay any fears which a prospective purchaser may have as to the pools compliance and may well assist your Real Estate Agent in the marketing of the property.

There is also a possibility that legislation may require such Certificate to be annexed to Contracts for Sale of Land as part of an ongoing review of the Swimming Pools Act legislation by the New South Wales government.

For more information on swimming pool compliance, please contact Tim Osborn on 4925 2077.

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