Swimming pools update

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Recent years have seen the introduction of registration and compliance obligations on the owners of property in NSW which includes a swimming pool (or spa). The effective date for annexure of a valid certificate of compliance or an occupation certificate (less than 3 years old, authorising the use of the swimming pool) AND evidence of registration of the pool to any contract for sale or lease of the property has been extended (again) to 29 April 2016.

Those property owners should begin to make arrangements well before they intend to start marketing the property for sale/lease as they must arrange for the swimming pool to be inspected by the local council or a private certifier. Any non-compliance issues will need to be addressed and a re-inspection (or multiple inspections) arranged prior to issue of the certificate, which may lead to delays in being able to sell/lease the property.

More information on the registration and compliance obligations can be found on our website or by speaking with one of our property lawyers.

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